A new study from Drontal shows that 40 percent of females have said the reason they purchased a dog was for exercise and 80 percent of females claim that they do more exercise since having a dog, reports a leading website.

Rob Jones, personal training instructor from StrideFit, said: "Keeping fit with your dog can be a fun thing to do that will help increase the special bond between you and your pet."

Jones added: "However, you need to ensure you're not biting off more than you can chew by making sure you plan your training properly and increase time, distance or intensity gradually. Remember to check for signs that your dog is getting tired too, you know when you've done enough, but do you know when your dog has?"

Top tips for working out with your pet:

* Choose wisely: Choose something that you love and you'll be more inclined to keep exercising with your pooch long-term. This could be scenic hikes, agility training, rugged trail runs, cycling or even sea swims. The list is varied and endless; ensure however, the exercise is also appropriate for your dog.

* Choose the right time. Best for you and your dog not to run during the hottest time of the day. Dogs deal with heat loss mainly by panting and tend not to be able to keep cool as easily as their owners. If your dog has a thick coat, try to avoid exercising in the hot midday sun. Also take a bottle of water and a collapsible dish with you to keep the pet hydrated.

* Get fit and have fun. Mix it up, turn away from the usual long distance running and incorporate your dog in the exercise. Try turning your dog's favourite games into a workout with the simple 'fetch' workout, for example after warming up throw a ball whilst waiting for your dog to return, start squatting, lunging or perform some press-ups. Or even try football with your collie or tug-of-war with your terrier.


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