Chennai: Senior BJP leader L K Advani on Thursday stressed the need to change the image of the average Indian politician in the minds of the public who perceive him to be the root cause of all problems.

"I often tell my party colleagues that the principle task before any person in public life is to contribute to change the image of average politician. It’s not a pleasant image.... not a good image," he said at conference 'ThinkEdu' organised by The New Indian Express Group on Thursday.

The octogenarian leader pointed out that politicians are always in the limelight in a democracy, because of which citizens feel they are the 'culprits' and the real cause of various problems.

Advani recalled an instance when BJP was launched in 1980s of a new minister telling his driver he would drive the car that day, to which the man replied "one can run a government without any training, but not run a car without any training".

The BJP leader said he had recounted it only to emphasise that this was the image that an average politician has acquired today. "Therefore, we should be very particular to see that gradually this image is changed."

Turning to education, he said students should be taught skill development and nation building.

"I feel in the field of education also, it should be of the kind which teaches every student to be proud of his country. I mean patriotism.... Education of the kind that empowers ethics and character to people", he said.

Flaying the ruling UPA government at the Centre for by and large "neglecting" eduction in the country, he voiced concern over there being no proper discussions on the subject even in Parliament.

Advani said economic policy is talked about a lot in India, particularly in political circles, on whether it should be liberalised or in state control and so on. However there are no discussions on the education system, he said.

BJP President Rajnath Singh, who also spoke on the occasion, said India must explore its ancient knowledge and wisdom "as only when it realises it, will India's strength be proved in 21st century".

He said the education system in the country at present lacks vision and direction due to rampant politicisation and commercialisation, creating confusion among students.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said character building should be the top most priority, which should be taken to the entire society to enable nation building. "That is the need of the hour", she said.

Stressing the need for quality education, she said, "We should create an opportunity for all to access quality education. We should not politicise our education system. We should make it in accordance with our system".


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