Cyber crime reporting was considered as "dark figure" in police terminology, as there were lesser cases filed, India has to emulate and replicate American model, the best prevailing now across the globe, where anyone can just send an e-mail, which will be registered immediately and followed by the police as any other case, said Amaresh Pujari, IG, Intelligence, Tamil Nadu Police.
Speaking at a one-day session on "enhancing business through Information Security", organized by local chapter of CII, Pujari said cyber crime was one kind of crime, most of which went unreported and hardly 2,800 cases were so far reported.
From February this year, 758 ATMs were tampered with in India, particularly datas of some companies in Bengaluru and Pune.

India is very vulnerable to such crime, since it has the most networking activities, which was on the rise, and would seriously affect the engine of growth of economy and the security of the country, if not checked immediately, he said, adding the major problem faced in India was that it did not have an indigenous software or hardware like China.
Pujari said that the Centre has circulated a Cyber Crime Management Plan to the states, but so far it was not implemented anywhere.
Stating that the Centre has allotted Rs 1,000 crore for modernization of police stations across the country, which would be networked soon, Pujari said that there was also the need to network all cyber forensic labs


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