"Plants cannot absorb nitrogen found in urea to its maximum extent. As a result a large component of it goes waste. By increasing the utility factor of nitrogen through neem-coated urea, the consumption of urea can be reduced," Singh said.
The Minister was speaking at a function on the launch of neem-coated urea in Bengaluru today, an official release said.
By reducing the use of urea, country can save foreign exchange as India has to import about 70-80 lakh tonnes of the fertiliser to meet its annual demand.
He also said that neem-coated urea is helpful in reducing the pollution of water, soil and air. And by balanced use of fertilisers, the health of soil can be sustained over a long period, he added.
India has been using neem over the centuries in one way or the other. Neem is a true friend of farmers from ancient times. By mixing neem oil in urea, which is being used by various farmers across the country and they are benefited by it, Singh added.
The Agriculture Minister at an another event in the city also asked horticulture farmers to use modern techniques and machinery as per international standards to produce horticultural products.

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