Patila: The efforts undertaken by the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) to curb doping seems going in vain because of inattentiveness of the state government towards their players.

A proper training and awareness has not been given by the state government to their players that can help in reducing the doping cases. NADA was constituted in India before the Commonwealth Games 2010.

After that the dope sampling was carried out on a large scale on the intervarsity, state, national and international levels.

Before the formation of NADA, the dope samples were tested in foreign labs.

NADA has been singlehandedly creating awareness against doping as there is no support from the government. 34 players have been tested positive in the ongoing Kabaddi World Cup till now. 

As the NADA was busy in the current Kabaddi World Cup, the sample collection drive could not be executed in the desired manner in other parts of the country.