New Delhi: Voicing serious safety concerns over railway accidents and loss of lives of the passengers every year, a high-level railway panel on Monday informed that high percentage of railway employees fall prey to these incidents.

A shocking revelation made by the Anil Kakodkar-led safety committee report, has brought to the fore that owing to the constant plying of trains on railway tracks, the workers do not get enough time to repair them. It not only leads to incomplete mending work but also makes the railway workers more prone to such accidents. Unfortunately, the Railway Board does not keep an account of all these incidents.

From 2007-08 to October 2011, as many as 1600 railway workers have lost their lives and 8700 have been injured during the repairing of railway tracks and yard workshops. During this period, nearly 1019 railway passenger lost their lives and 2118 got injured in untimely accidents.

In last three years, 1100 workers were killed while fixing railway tracks and 2070 were severely injured. As many as 110 lives were lost and 4900 mechanical engineers were injured while repairing signals,wagons and coaches.

According to the panel, the reasons for these deaths are age old ways of rectifying problems concerned with the railway tracks. Considering this, the panel laid thrust upon the mechanisation of the entire repairing work.

However, going by the reports, the accident rate has decreased while there has been sharp increase in the deaths due to these accidents. Majority of railway accidents are due to derailment while nearly one third of them are due to unmanned railway crossings. Only five percent cases of train collision have been reported.

Ironically, graph of incidents resulting from human fault and negligence has gone up to 85 percent out of which 42 percent are due to poor working measures adopted by the railway workers. The remaining 43 percent are owing to negligent attitude of the masses. Apart from this, there is seven percent incidence of ramshackle.