Mumbai: Neha Dhupia is planning a holiday to Europe with friends. The actress takes off later this month. For a while now, she was keen to take a break. She was waiting for her film with Sonu Sood to release and then to wrap up her endorsement assignments before flying off.

Says Neha, “I am looking for a break and hopefully everything will work out this time. Normally when you plan in advance, something or the other crops up. But this time I am determined to make it happen. My friends and I are pretty excited about this vacation. One of them stays in the US and she is flying down specially for the trip.”

The actress had been exploring the possibility of visiting European countries for a while with her pals that include Italy, Germany and Spain. “I can rough it out on holidays and shun the comforts. Actually we are even weighing the options of a backpacking trip at some places. Let’s see how it works.”

For her a holiday spells chilling out, binging and savouring the local sights. “I do all the touristy things possible in the region. It gives me a great high just being with friends and doing nothing with shopping thrown in.” So will her Venezuelan beau Jimmy be among the pals? That she is not saying.


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