While most Mumbaikars struggle with deciding what to wear on the streets during the worst of the monsoons, Bollywood actress Neha Sharma never really has had a problem. After all, the fashionista has been a design student at NIFT, Delhi and she tells us her rules for dressing up for the rains.

On a rainy day

Rain fashion to me is dressing simple. Rains also mean a lot of fun, so I go for vibrant colours and fun silhouettes. I could wear a bubble dress in the rains and feel cool about it. I feel more comfortable in shorts. But the rains do inspire me to wear a pretty dress; a floral one in green or pink that goes with the mood.

Colour is the key

Mumbai is a bit humid and hot and so I go for clothes in cotton and chiffon. I have seen women wearing white kurtas and black inners and when it rains the blacks just pop out. That’s a disaster! Heels too are a no-no.

Wind in my hair

I like to keep it easy. Instead of tying my hair up, I want to feel the wind and the rain on my open hair. I like to wear funky colours on my nails, which I like to keep trimmed. And no dramatic make-up, obviously. And of course, the mascara has to be waterproof or else it runs down all over the face.

Bold and bright

I like vibrant colours for my umbrellas. Bright colours always remind me of the monsoons. But I am not much into raincoats. However, the bright yellow raincoats that people wear have always fascinated me. They add colour to the otherwise depressing mood while it’s pouring cats and dogs.


I would go for plastic handbags instead of leather ones. All my belongings including my wallet and my phone stay safe. 

Courtesy: Mid-day.com