London, Jan 15 (Agencies): Singer Nelly said that Mariah Carey inspired him the way she recovers from setbacks.

The rapper is amazed by the way the 40-year-old Carey constantly recovers from setbacks and wants to use the negative comments of his critics to further fuel his desire to achieve chart success again.

"Look at Mariah Carey. She has a little break. People look at it like it's over. They have to throw dirt on her. Then all of a sudden, she's the biggest thing to hit the stage again. Even bigger,” he said.

Nelly is hopeful of regaining his popularity although he never matched the success of his first two albums, 'Country Grammer' in 2000 and 'Nellyville' in 2002.

"I feel like, if people want to count me out - which I don't know how you would count a guy out with 30 million records sold - then OK, I'm going to use it to my advantage,” added Nelly.