Kathmandu: A meeting of the Nepal's parliament on Sunday morning endorsed a bill to amend Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007 to extend Constituent Assembly (CA) term for three more months, a report said.

Nepal's House Speaker Subash Nemwang announced that the bill to amend Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007 was passed by two-third majority.

"Out of total 508 presented in the hall, 504 voted for the amendment which is two-third majority presented at the Parliament," Nemwang announced.

The deferred parliamentary meeting commenced on Saturday midnight proceeding process of CA extension when there were only few minutes left for CA to expire.

The 601-member CA was elected in 2008 with a two-year mandate to write the new constitution following the end of decade-long civil war between the then rebels, Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the state that abolished the 240-year-old monarchy in Nepal.

Nepal's Supreme Court ruled this week that the government had acted wrongly by extending the life of the interim constitution and parliament in 2010.

The apex court also said if the government tried to extend the deadline again, it would be subject to judicial review.