Kathmandu: A 'mini Parliament' attended by representatives from all political parties and ethnic groups, has recommended a roadmap to promulgate the Constitution by reinstating the Constituent Assembly for a "brief period".

As per the recommendation, the report submitted by the high level State Restructuring Recommendation Commission should be made the basis for agreement among parties to decide number, demarcation and naming of the federal units to be incorporated in the new constitution.

Reading out the recommendation endorsed by the two day 'mini-Parliament' convened here, attended by over 400 delegates, Sadbhawana Party president Rajendra Mahato said, "after political parties reach consensus on the contentious issues of federal structure, the constitution can be promulgated through reinstatement of the Constituent Assembly for a brief period".

Nepali Congress can lead the new national government that would promulgate the constitution after forging consensus on contentious issues, he pointed out.

After the promulgation, election for the Parliament can be conducted under the Nepali Congress led government, he added.

If political parties do not agree on name, number and demarcation of federal units as suggested by the State Restructuring Commission then the same would be incorporated in the constitution and the new Parliament formed through fresh election can make necessary changes in it through voting, he pointed out.

In case political parties cannot agree to reinstate the Parliament, fresh election must be conducted to resume the task of drafting the constitution, he said.

He, however warned that no constitution would be framed without incorporating federal structure based on ethnic identity.

"Federal structure based on ethnic identity and constitution with federal structure," is the only way out from the current political stalemate," he pointed out.

I am confident that all the political parties and ethnic groups will follow this road map to rescue the country from the current political catastrophe and frame a new constitution, he said.

Saturday’s main problem is constitution not the government, Mahato pointed out. Thus, only change in the government as demanded by Nepali Congress and CPN-UML won't resolve the present crisis, he added.

"Change in government leadership is not a big deal, if parties agree on contentious issues of the constitution".

If no solution can be reached through dialogue and discussion then all pro-federal forces and republican forces should come to the street forming a joint front among Madhesis, Dalits, indegenious and thnic communities for the cause of promulgating the constitution with ethnic identity based federal structure, Mahato said.

The 'mini Parliament' convened at the initiative of Sadbhawana Party, was attended by various political leaders inlcuding Maoist chief Prachanda.


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