Kathmandu: Nepal and US armies are holding a joint disaster management exercise here amid the strongest earthquake to hit the country in nearly 77 years.

The four-day exercise 'Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange (DREE)', which began on Sunday, is aimed at building multilateral inter-operability in disaster response between the two countries to increase preparation and risk mitigation, according to a statement by the US embassy here.

The exercise intends to bring the disaster response stakeholders from all levels of Government, military and civilian agencies together to build working relationships for future relief endeavours.

It is part of Pacific Resilience, the US Army Pacific Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Initiative.

The exercise, which began before the 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the country on Sunday, will assist in the identification of opportunities for timely preparation and areas to improve risk mitigation.

At least seven people were killed in the earthquake that struck Nepal on Sunday. It was the strongest trembler recorded in the country after the devastating earthquake of 1934 which killed 15,000 people.