Dehradun: In a shocking revelation, Indian lands along the Nepal border, especially Udhamsingh Nagar, are being encroached and sold at hefty prices, but the government is in a deep slumber and has failed to take any action against it.

According to Home Ministry, there are several encroachers who are selling the land in Indian territories. “Several cases have been registered in the Khatima region, but the government is unable to take any action as it is an international issue,” sources said.

The sources also informed that on June 27, the authorities of both the countries in a joint inspection found that encroachment is going on in the region. It was also confirmed that the invasion is also carried out in ‘no man’s land’ but the Centre’s laidback attitude is impeding any kind of action against them.

Recently, Uttarakhand Home Minister also sent a letter to the Home Ministry naming nine people involved in the selling of lands alongside the Nepal border. Later, several reminders were also sent to the Centre but in vain thus encouraging the encroachers to continue their illegal activities.

Remarkably, the Indian side has already handed over the list of encroachers while Nepal is yet to send its list.

According to sources, these encroachers which are mainly Nepalese are involved with some Indian citizens in the selling of lands.

However, Chief Secretary, Home, Rajeev Gupta, has refused to make any comments on the matter saying he needs to inspect the situation first.

Notably, several illegal land selling activities have been witnessed in the Sharda river region, which forms the border between Nepal and India.