Joint Secretary in Nepal's Foreign Ministry, Amrit Rai, who looks after India and South Asia, will be leading a 15-member Nepali delegation while Joint Secretary for North in India's External Affairs Ministry, Abhay Thakur, will lead a 13-member Indian delegation, the Nepal Army said in a statement issued here late Thursday.

"The meeting is expected to discuss the procurement of military equipment for training, joint exercises, counter-terrorism action, information sharing between the two armies," the Nepal Army said in its statement.

Last year, the Nepal Army requested India for an immediate supply of arms valued at Nepali Rs.1.76 billion (over $18.4 million).India resumed military supplies, constituting non-lethal support, to Nepal last year, following a successful integration of former Maoist combatants into the Nepal Army.

The southern neighbour had imposed restrictions on supply of arms to Nepal since former king Gyanendra Shah took over executive powers and restricted democratic and civil liberties in 2005.

According to informed sources, the Nepal Army is seeking to purchase more than 26,000 weapons of various kinds, including several thousand Indian-made Insas rifles, more than 11 million rounds of ammunitions, bomb disposal equipment and explosives for training purpose.

Landmines, detonators, safety fuses and time pencils are also on the shopping list. However, India will be providing some of the weapons in grant, while some will be on loan after a down payment of 60 percent, said Nepali officials.

Forty-five trucks loaded with bullets, bomb disposal items and explosive devices provided by the Indian side reached Kathmandu in the second week of June.

Under the non-lethal consignment, the Nepal Army received several hundred vehicles, including 35 armoured, 216 light and 154 heavy vehicles. Among the heavy vehicles were 58 trucks with the capacity of 7.5 tonnes.


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