Kathmandu: Dhaubadi, in remote Nepal has become Asia's first 'renewable energy village' with the installation of mini wind-solar hybrid power system with the financial and technical support from ADB.
The two sets of 5 kw wind turbines complimented by 2 kwp of solar PV panels can generate 43.6 kwh per day electricity which can light 46 households of the village, according the Asian Development Bank country office in Nepal.
The installation of this ultra-modern facility will allow women to cook and clean, and children to study or play after dark, ADB says in a press release issued at a function today.
The villagers are now able to see television, charge their cell phone sets, operate computers and read at night with the help of the wind-solar power system.
Erecting greenhouses to absorb solar energy and manage water uses for high-value cash crop and vegetable production is also being planned which will augment income generation activities in the village community.
Energy fuels economic growth and poverty reduction.   

Reliable and efficient energy services underpin the expansion of economic and employment opportunities, the continuing progress in social development, and the sustained improvement in standard of living, observed S Hafeez Rahman, ADB's director general for South Asia Development.
The Wind-Solar hybrid system was installed under ADB's regional technical assistance (RETA) for Effective Development of Distributed Small Wind Power System in Asian Rural Areas of with the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre of the Ministry of Environment is the implementing agency in Nepal.
The USD 3.8 million RETA will contribute to ADB's Energy for All initiative by increasing access to energy in remote rural areas.
In view of the Nepal's chronic energy shortage and its abundant wind and solar resources, as well as the government's strong commitment towards a low-carbon economy, ADB has selected Nepal as the first pilot country for its small wind power initiative.
The lessons learnt from Nepal on the deployment of small wind power system in rural areas will be very useful in scaling up the systems in Nepal and replicating in other ADB member countries, said Kangbin Zheng, ADB's senior Investment Specialist.