"I am very happy that the Prime Minister has finally agreed that so far closed files on my father would be declassified. It was indeed very gratifying that he received many members of our family for that occasion," Pfaff told reporters.
"A study of the files will hopefully gives us insights into some of the historically interesting developments of decades ago and put to rest some of the varied speculations," she said.
Asked whether she expects something startling to come out from the secret files, she said the revelations may contradict earlier known life and times of the freedom fighter. "I do not know what is there is those files. But it would be interesting to see if it contradicts Netaji's life as we knew so far," she stated.

On whether she believes in the air crash theory, Pfaff said, "So far I never had any reason not to believe it. It is the most likeliest, consistent theory. It has been documented and is fairly convincing. I do not know whether the files will contradict that."

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