" ‘Netritva, Kartutva, Vaktutva’- Leadership, Action and Speech – are qualities which go in the making of an Outstanding Parliamentarian,” said Modi.  

Addressing at the Outstanding Parliamentarian Awards function at the Balyogi Auditorium in Parliament Library, Modi also urged the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to convene a meeting of Speakers of all state assemblies so that the practice of awarding outstanding legislators could be extended to the states as well.

Complimenting the three award winners - Arun Jaitley, Karan Singh and Sharad Yadav - for their contribution to the Parliament, the Prime Minister hoped that younger MPs would learn from the examples set by them.

Modi further said, “The country is looking at Parliament with a lot of hope. It may also be worthwhile to conduct a survey among the people as to how they judged a particular session of Parliament. This might prove to be an eye-opener.”

The Prime Minister regretted the decline of use of wit and humour in the proceedings of Parliament in recent years.

“Sharp comments can give us space for a short time - but cannot impact or inspire. He said the time had come when every sentence said in Parliament should be an inspiration for the country,” he said.

"Humour and wit are gradually fading away from Parliamentary proceedings as members are apprehensive as to what colour the 24x7 (media) would give to even one proverb they utter," he added.

He recalled a barb by Sushma Swaraj on Sharad Pawar during a function in the Parliament some two decades back dubbing him as Lalita Pawar (veteran actress known for her negative roles).

He said while the NCP leader thoroughly enjoyed the remark, there was no proper coverage of the light banter.     

The Prime Minister also said that the Parliament does not function only on the basis of oratory.

"As long as there is no confluence of oratory, action and leadership, neither Parliament can be influenced nor nations would be inspired", he said.

Modi also heaped praise on President Pranab Mukherjee who pops out with dates and time of historical events and detailed information and wondered of ‘what software his brain was made of’.

"A half-an-hour talk with him is like reading a good book," he said.

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