New Delhi: Following the death of the Delhi gang rape victim, people took to Facebook and Twitter to vent their ire, demanding punishment for the culprits and more security for women.

Criticising the authorities for doing little to protect women, Soumyadipta Singh from Orissa wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter: "Kanun mein badlav layenge, aisa karenge, waisa karenge etc...kaha the aap baba log?" (We will bring in changes in the law, we will do this, we will do that... where were you till now?)

Puja Mohindra from Los Angeles called for another freedom struggle, but this time for women."In 1947, Indians fought for their freedom. In 2013, Indians must fight for women's freedom," she tweeted.

Stressing on the need for stringent punishment for rapists, Srijith Balakrishnan from Kerala tweeted: "Now I think Cutting 'Hands' for Change is better than Joining Hands for Change."Fauzan Umar, a young professional from in Delhi posted on Facebook: "Behan hum sharminda hain, tumhare katil abhi zinda hain" (Sister, we are ashamed because your killers are still alive).

Sonia Raina mocked on Twitter the high security cover put around India Gate to foil mass protests, saying had the authorities been "so alert" earlier, the rape victim would have been alive today.

Bharat Punglia tweeted: "The ad of Incredible India should also add this fact A Nation where Daughters are neither safe inside WOMB nor in streets."Vidushi Sathoo wrote on Twitter: "The girl hasn't died. She's moved to a better world where no rapes happen. RIP."


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