New Delhi: Facebook, Google along with other social networking sites on Monday expressed their inability before the High Court to filter objectionable content from their pages. Google asserted that the entire functioning of the site is controlled from America and advertisements are the only thing that they are responsible for in India.

The petitioner said that all the sites have a single motive and that is of making money.

Taking stringent steps against the sites, the court has denied any kind of relief to them. The next hearing is due for January 19.The bench of Justice Suresh Kaith rejected the argument presented by N K Kaul that Google is controlled from America and that advertisements are the only thing they are responsible for in India.

Court said “the sites cannot get away with such arguments. Don’t they generate revenue from the country?”

On the High Court’s warning to the social networking sites of putting a curb on objectionable content, Google’s lawyer NK Kaul said, “India is a democratic country; here everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression. To ban networking sites like in China, will be a violation of the constitution. We are not directly or indirectly responsible for obscenity.”

Lawyers of Facebook said, “We are working on the basis of members joining our site. Facebook is not a search engine.”

A Delhi Police lawyer said, “Based on the notification of the government, there is a provision of legal action against obscene activities on the net.”