Washington: Barack Obama was on Wednesday inching towards clinching another four-year term at the White House as he surged ahead of his Republican challenger Mitt Romney in one of the fiercely fought US Presidential polls in history.

True to the projections made by exit polls, the initial trends indicated a photo finish between Obama and Romney, who began his campaign as an underdog but emerged as a formidable challenger for the incumbent Democratic President.

According to CNN projections at 9.30 IST, Obama led Romney 256 electoral votes to 191 electoral votes as suspense-filled results were still awaited in the traditionally swing states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

The President surged ahead of his rival only after the results of the crucial state of California, with the largest electoral college of 55 votes, went by his side. Till 9.30 IST, Obama was trailing behind his Republican rival by at least 10 electoral votes.

Early counting in the swing state of Florida showed them running neck and neck, while Obama established an early lead in Ohio. CNN projected that Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes would go to Obama, while it predicted that Republicans will keep control of the US House of Representatives.

CNN also projected that the powerful US Senate will still be controlled by the Democrats. As television networks projected that Obama was on the road to victory once again, his supporters flooded the campaign headquarters in Chicago, the hometown of the President. Celebrations erupted as Democrats raised slogans and reveled in victory.

Though nation-wide polls on the Election Day on Tuesday showed the two candidates virtually tied, the President was seen holding leads in several of the swing states.



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