"Some reports in newspapers have twisted the remarks that I made. The country is going through political and economic anarchy and there is no alternative to Modi. Only he can get the country out of this mess," he said, at a press conference in Nagpur.
In the last two days, Ramdev has campaigned for BJP's candidate from Nagpur, Nitin Gadkari, who is contesting against seven-term Congress MP Vilas Muttemwar. Denying that he ever said that Modi was in a hurry to become the Prime Minister, the yoga guru said he had only said that BJP was over-enthusiastic about its chances to win elections and it should not take any wrong decision in its over-enthusiasm.
"This was misinterpreted as Modi's over-eagerness to take the top job", Ramdev claimed. Targeting AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, Ramdev alleged "he is nothing but a stooge of Congress. That is why he wants to contest against Modi from Varanasi and not against Congress minister Kapil Sibal or DMK's Kanimozhi.
Had Kejriwal been serious about combating corruption, he would have contested against "corrupt Congress candidates", Ramdev said.


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