New Delhi: Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub's memorable turn as Dhanush's best friend Murari in Raanjhanna has earned him praise from everyone and the actor hopes that its success brings him new opportunities in Bollywood. Zeeshan, an NSD graduate made his debut as the negative lead in No One Killed Jessica in 2011. His performance was critically acclaimed and he followed it up with supporting roles in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Jannat 2.

Your dialogues in Raanjhanaa have been a huge hit with audience and are widely seen on the facebook and twitter as well. What’s your take on this?
I believe the film can be a turning point in my career. The response has been very good and not many are coming with cliché roles. There were two three such offers but I declined. I think things have changed a lot in Bollywood now. Directors are coming up with interesting characters. They no longer slot you.

In your previous films, you have played the hero’s best friend. What do you plan to do next?
I will not do hero's friends anymore because I have done it thrice. There should be a step ahead but it does not mean that I will not do supporting roles. There are many interesting characters in different formats.

How does it feel when people call you by your screen name and believe that you belong to the place shown on-screen?
When we were doing the film, we did not know that it will be such a success. The credit goes to Anand (Rai, director) sir and Himanshu (Sharma, writer). They created beautiful characters. We never treated them as dialogues because even in the most intense of scenes, there is wit and humour. We never tried to underline anything. This is why they have hit home."

What’s the secret behind your and Dhanush’s chemistry on screen?
Anand sir and Himanshu called Dhanush to Mumbai four-five days before the shoot. We spent those days together. We were lost a bit initially but then something clicked and we became friends, which show in our performances too. Dhanush gives you space to give your best.

Post Raanjhanaa, you will be seen with Shahid. What is your role in this film?
While in Raanjhanna audience saw my humourous side, in Shahid I play the key role of Shahid's serious but supportive brother. I got Shahid long before Raanjhanaa, its casting director Mukesh Chhabra is a friend. He called me one day and when I reached their Hansal sir was also there. They were to begin shooting in about two days. They said 'let us do a trial'. Hansal sir said I was perfect for the role and I was on.

With all the success surrounding you, what is that you miss the most?
Things started happening only after the death of my father in 2007. He had this fear about me but I was in NSD at that time. He would come and watch my performances there. He would often say that I was getting better. My mother is very supportive but she becomes emotional. We miss our father. I think he would have been very happy.

So are you satisfied with the kind of work you are doing?
Satisfaction is a state of mind. Even when I was not in films, I was satisfied with my theatre work and teaching but I will never be content. Now, I can't see Raanjhanaa without spotting my mistakes. Films are a different medium you can't go back and rectify things, so I want to better it with each performance."



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