London: You may soon get over that hangover just by popping a pill! Scientists are working on a new alcohol-busting drug that could help boozers sober up in seconds.

Researchers have already developed a cocktail of alcohol metabolizing enzymes that speedily reduces blood alcohol levels in drunk mice.

The treatment, which has been compared to having "millions of liver cells inside your stomach," could have far-reaching implications for drinkers, a media reported.

Researchers Yunfeng Lu and Cheng Jifrom the University of Southern California injected the intoxicated mice with nanocapsules containing two enzymes.

One of the enzymes, Oxidase, comes with an unfortunate by-product of hydrogen peroxide, which can be harmful. It needs to work in concert with another enzyme that decomposes the hydrogen peroxide.

Party mice that received the injection sobered up much quicker compared to those that didn't get the enzyme treatment, according to the study findings showed.

The breakthrough is still in its early stages and is not ready to be tested on humans. However, Lu said it could lead to a new class of drugs that act as an alcohol 'antidote.' He believes the medicine could be taken in such simple form as a pill.

Scientist said the nanocapsules work as a sort of booze buster in your gut.

It would "almost be like having millions of liver cell units inside your stomach or in your intestine, helping you to digest alcohol," Lu said.


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