Italian brand DEKA on Tuesday unveiled SmartXide - 2, an anti-ageing treatment, for the first time in the capital. It uses CO2 laser with radiofrequency to treat wrinkles.

The product has been launched by cosmetologist and skin care specialist Deepali Bhardwaj along with international cosmetic assessment specialist Paolo Banon here.

“People aged between 35 and 75 can take this treatment. At least five to six sessions are required to remove wrinkles from face. Skin scars, visibility of pores, hyperpigmentation are also taken care of,” Banon said.

Launched in the North India for the first time, it is exclusively available at The Skin & Hair clinic and will cost Rs 5, 000 per session.

After the treatment one needs to follow it up with proper skin care.

“In addition to regular skin care, I even suggest my patients to use antibiotic emollient without steroid for first two or three days,” said Banon.