The app uses a technology called "audio-based artificial intelligence" which allows it to analyze the sound it is taking in and know what types are most important for users to hear. The makers claim that it's able to hear and analyze sounds faster than other techniques.
The app comes with a bank of sounds that it knows are important such as sirens, screeching tires, and car horns. Users will also be able to add their own sounds to the application. An internet connection is not required for the app to work, but it is needed to add new sounds.
A potential problem with the app is that it might mute the music even if you are walking down the sidewalk safely. In a busy city, sirens and horns are not uncommon, and having the app shut off music every time one drives by could be an annoyance, 'Gizmag' reported.
CEO Kurt Bauer from San Francisco-based company One Llama said the app will "alert the user to the 'event' with as much relevance as possible and, based on the user's feedback to our alert, we will improve over time."