The app lists a person's basic legal rights, has a blood alcohol calculator, and an emergency button for when someone is being stopped.
When the user hits the emergency button, the 'Oh Crap App' dishes out advice like, "the less you say the better," "be polite," and "lawyer up."     

"One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they know their rights," said Bob Rehkemper, co-creator of the app. The emergency button also turns on the phone's voice recorder to record any interaction you may have with an officer.
"That initial interaction is documented and is recorded so it's not a matter of what somebody remembers, or he said, she said," Rehkemper said. Law enforcement officials, however, have raised concerns about the app, media said.
"If it stops you from being intoxicated and driving, I'm certainly in favour of it. If it tells you how to be intoxicated and drive, and get away with it, there may be some concern there," said Linn County sheriff Brian Gardner.
Creators of the app said they don't want users drinking and driving, but hope they will use the app to stay informed in difficult situations.