Washington: If you're a fan of snapping photos of your meals and posting them on Facebook, a new app may be just the thing -- to get you to eat healthier that is. The Eatery, launched last week, helps you photo-document everything you eat, rate it on a scale from "fit" to "fat," and share with your friends for feedback.

After uploading your photos, friends can offer a thumbs up or thumbs down if your meal looks healthy or not, or make comments and suggestions. You can also view a feed of what your friends are eating and offer the same feedback.

The first app from much-hyped San Francisco startup Massive Health, The Eatery is available as a free download for iOS device users -- and likely inspired by the famed internet site Hot or Not, according to Mobihealth News.

The app's mission, the company says, is to provide an overall view of your habits and pitfalls by collecting your data into charts and graphs, to offer awareness as to how you're really eating. "It's not helpful to know that your favorite brownies have 400 or 600 calories," said CEO Sutha Kamal in a release. "What's helpful is discovering that you're more vulnerable to them in the late afternoon."

While there are a bevy of other apps designed to keep your diet on track (Mobihealth News counts some 1,300 in the iTunes App Store), another new free app launched in September is the brainchild of an Amsterdam-based startup, Foodzy. A new app tracks all of your meals, transforms healthful eating into a game, and aims to turn your daily diet into a social activity. Foodzy uses food databases from more than 58 countries, making it ideal for the jet-setting dieter. The service is currently available in English, French, German, and Dutch.