If not, then a newly launched book titled "40 retakes-Bollywood classics you may have missed" is bound to take you a roller coaster ride down Hindi cinema lane and leave you trawling You Tube and ordering DVDs to catch up on some great films.
Written by award winning film writer Avijit Ghosh, the book is an account of 40 such compelling Hindi movies that have been largely forgotten.
"There are so many excellent films which did not become huge hits due to many reasons ranging from poor promotion, poor timing, poor luck and poor box-office clout, though they it all what it takes for a film to be a 'cult classic', " says Ghosh.
Examining movies such as "Mr Sampat", "Footpath", "Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi", "Gaddar", "Haasil", "Hari Bhari", "Sehar", "Rocket Singh", "The Stoneman Murders" and
"Antardwand" among others are films which belong to category of those which either fell through cracks or have been forgotten with the passage of time, the author said at a book launch recently held in the capital.

How many of us would know about "Sehar" which was one of the best directed gangster movies? Similarly, "Gaddar" which was the finest example of noir in Hindi cinema? And that
Amitabh Bachchan's "Majboor" has shots directly inserted from (not inspired by) Charles Bronson's film, "Cold Sweat"?

The book was published by Westland is an attempt to explore how and why these films have fallen through the cracks of our memory. However, Avijit initially wanted it to be a collection of 52 films, dedicating one book to each week of the year but finally he settled for 40.
"I spoke to directors, producers, cinematographers, music directors and actors behind these films and finally decided against making the book a clumsy attempt, so settled for 40 as a number," says Ghosh.
"I might attract the eyes of critics for leaving some equally good films, but I compiled them after carefully studying each of these," he adds.
The author, who is a journalist by profession and writes on these subjects, believes that like most works of art, films are generally judged by two barometers, popular success and critical acclaim, but like Life cinema isn't just about being black or white.

But the book isn't just a tale of unsuccessful classics but also few films which were successful then but aren't much remembered today.
The inclusion of "CID 909", "Mere Apne" and "Majboor" might surprise the readers, but I believe that we need to take a relook at these movies for different reasons and with different perspective than how they were received in the past, the author says.
This book isn't about cinematic fantasy; it is rather rooted in reality. This account of a bunch of films is an attempt to show that like fake wine, a movie too is a living thing that constantly evolves over the years, he says.


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