Prasad Pillai who retuned to his home town Trivandrum from US after 15 years had a road accident on highway where he and his wife narrowly escaped. On that fateful day he realized that there was no support system to provide medical and other facilities to save the lives of road accident victims on highways.  

His horrible self-experience prompted him to do something to lessen the menace. Aiming to save maximum lives on road, he decided to invent some machines that can provide instant supports on the roads. Pillai formed a team comprising six people to set up a small organization called eLsys Intelligent Devices Pvt Ltd.

He developed a safeguard device, named Raksha SafeDrive that reduces the time the authorities take in reaching the sites of road accident. His machine is a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) device which is fitted inside the car as an accident management system.

Some devices invented by Pillai:  

IoT: It is basically a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity.

Crash Detection (GIF): It ensures that help will reach when it needed without any unnecessary delay.

GPS tracker: It connects the vehicle to call centre executives for emergency help.

Smart Panic Button (GIF): The panic button on the device makes a voice call communication channel between the user and the call centre.

Source: Thebetterindia