The recent CBI raid into the distribution of contracts for WiMax services confirms about the alleged scam. Due to the scam the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) incurred a loss of Rs 535 cr. Though this amount is far less than that of the 2G scam, it cannot be ignored. In spite of the scam surfacing in 2009, it is hard to understand why the Centre or the CBI didn’t take any action regarding this. Is it because A Raja was behind the scam? Whatever may be the reason, it is interesting to note that the WiMax scam was carried out on the lines of 2G scam. It seems that Raja wanted to make money by carrying out these scams and there was no one who could keep a check on him. The Centre should have known about the scam when private companies were given contracts for WiMax services as BSNL was capable enough to provide such services. Questions were never raised as to why BSNL was forced into giving out the contracts to private firms. It cannot be a mere coincidence that in order to give the WiMax contract to favoured companies, rules were bent in a similar fashion as the 2G spectrum allocation. After getting the contract, many companies changed their names and were suddenly merged. It clearly indicates that the scam was a well planned move.

Though the CBI is yet to catch hold of Raja, it is difficult to believe that only BSNL officials were behind the scam. If that was the case, wasn’t it the responsibility of A Raja as the telecom minister to keep a check on it? Neither can we believe that the Centre was unaware of all the happenings. After another scam surfacing in the telecom department all the decision taken during the tenure of Raja should be reviewed. It is also important that the government tightens the norms so that rules and regulation are not bent in the future to carry out such scams. Telecommunication has witnessed a massive growth in the last few years but it has been mired in corruption and scams. The controversial Antrix-Devas deal was also under scanner but the immediate intervention of the government lead to its cancellation. However, it remains unanswered as to why only four scientists have been held responsible for the deal? It isn’t surprising that top scientists of the country are raising fingers on the government’s decision. Moreover they are demanding for a thorough inquiry into the incident.