Chandigarh: The new government employees in Punjab will be able to avail only basic salary for three years and would be deprived of dearness allowance, house allowance, medical allowance and any increments or financial gain. Moreover, the three-year period will not be included in their services.

The state government has incorporated these norms in its new recruitment and appointment policy.

However, newly recruited IAS, PCS (Executive, Judicial and Allied Services) has been excluded from this provision.

According to the Punjab Civil Services (Rationalization of conditions of Service) Act-2011, this law will be applicable on each and every appointment in the government offices, boards and corporations after April 5, 2011.  The state is in the process of recruiting 17,000 employees.

The law also directed that if any employee does not give any satisfactory performance during his three years induction period, he not only will be excluded from all the allowances and benefits but his induction period would be increased up to five years.

Under the new provision, every staff and official will be allowed to have 12 casual leaves and in case of serious illness or accident would get exceptional vacation of 30 days.