Jammu: The new employment policy of Jammu and Kashmir government has come into effect from November 1. Under the new provisions of this policy, the Service Selection Board would follow the new norms when it will issue applications for any non-gazetted posts. The students here are considering this development very discouraging and termed November 1 as the Black Day.

As per the new policy, a person only after a five year job will be entitled for the full salary. The salary would be released as per different salary grades. The salary of an employee will be raised after two years and after completing five years of service, the employee shall be entitled to the complete salary.

For the first five years, an employee would get even less than half of the stipulated salary. A person coming under Rs 9300-34800 would get salary of Rs 7050-Rs7090 in first two years and then for the next three years they will be entitled to get Rs 10130-Rs 10190.

The new policy would also be applicable on those who used to get a wage of Rs 150 per day. For the first two years they would get Rs 3,170 inclusive of health allowance of Rs 100.

(JPN/ Bureau)