Dehradun: The Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) has actually given the Congress party a breather by promising the latter its support to form the government in Uttarakhand. Actually the Congress Party was fed up of bargaining by the three independent MLAs and the BSP’s move has come as a respite for the party. But even the BSP was also politically compelled to lend its support to the Congress Party. It was being predicted that the newly elected BSP MLAs would have jumped the fence if the party leadership had not taken a decision.   

It is interesting to note that the BSP even after losing half of its previous seats is still in a position to change the balance of power in the state. But the party failed to capitalize its position in its favour. Immediately after the results, both the main stake holders, Congress and BJP, tried to convince the BSP leadership in their favour but it remained indecisive. Later the BJP has relented its efforts to form its government in the state whereas the Congress Party approached the three independent MLAs and one MLA of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) and garnered the sufficient numbers. Now the BSP was left with no option but to offer its support to the Congress.

But the Congress was also not in a comfortable position even after securing the support of the three independent MLAs. The three MLAs had upped their ante to mount pressure on the Congress Party and force it to accept their all their conditions. They had even started to demand a Chief Minister of their own choice. But eventually the BSP leadership’s decision on Sunday has definitely offered the Congress a respite and by offering support, the BSP leadership not only averted the changes of split in its state unit but has also got a chance to have its representatives in the state government.

(JPN/ Bureau)