New Delhi: In what could be a boost to the electoral reforms in the country, the Election Commission told the Supreme Court that the new electronic voting machines (EVMs) are almost ready. The new version of EVM has been named Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) system.

The special feature of the new EVM is that the voter will get to know the candidate to whom he is voting by pressing a button. The VVPAT will also give a print out like an ATM receipt.

Under the system, as soon as the voter will press a button to cast his vote, a light will blink and the name of the candidate, his party and the serial number will be displayed on a screen before the printing takes place in a device attached to the EVM.

If a vote is cast, a slip will be printed showing the name of candidate, voter serial number and poll symbol. This will enable him to verify that his vote was registered correctly.

Voter can see printout but not take it out as it will be deposited in a box at the polling booth.  The paper trail can be used during a recount. Currently, the EVMs show the total number of votes polled followed by votes secured by individual candidates.

The VVPAT system is on field trial, however, Karnataka polls won’t use them. An improved prototype was manufactured in May 2012 and tested in July-August 2012.


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