A nascent party coming to power in such short span of time by overthrowing two giant political parties aside commands a great deal of confidence of people in Delhi. The phenomenon speaks about disenchantment of people of Delhi from rest of the political parties and their ruling dispensation. It has taught a lesson to all political parties to some extent that they cannot ignore basic needs of public and their party workers need to serve and interact with people at every nook and corner in respective constituencies.    

The AAP team is young and dynamic but they are overwhelmed with success to their amazement as Sheila Dikshit government made their path quite easy to establish in Delhi. The ideology and principles for good governance coined by the AAP are praiseworthy at present, nevertheless the success story will be written only when the people of Delhi get to realize that the AAP government has fulfilled promises of the common people and selflessly served them at large. By discarding government facilities, the AAP ministers have proved the fact that they would like to be associated with the grassroot of society and accessible to common people. This is needed today as ministers or political leaders whom we elect are supposed to be our representatives and they should address our problems and grievances.

The mission and purpose of this political party seem quite fascinating and their calculated move has kindled hope in the minds of people. However, this can be made successful if we all support instead finding faults or creating obstacles at its nascent stage.

Arvind Kejriwal had started his mission as a true citizen of India and now it is evident that he is a true politician after taking over the position of Chief Minister of Delhi with the unconditional support from the Congress. The interesting fact is that the youth of India irrespective of any party have again decided to come forward to lead the nation and ready to repair the damage caused to the democratic system in the last two decades especially.

Twin issues like reduction in electricity bill and 700 litres free water per household should not be the basic indicators for a good governance, rather it is very important to note that most of the people who have voted any party to power, it is because of the hope to cleanse the corrupt system prevailing in government offices and society around.        

JPN/Dr A Jha