Now, whenever you want to share a specific web link in your posts, just tap the new link icon, type in a few keywords to search for a link from our index of posts, and share it.

The feature makes it much simpler to share web links with your friends on mobile, whether it's an interesting news article, a funny video, or a favorite recipe.

The company built a functional prototype of this feature one night in January. While a designer built the user experience, four engineers built out the server-side and back-end functionality, mobile APIs, and iOS experiences that power this feature.

In addition, the new users of Messenger app can sign up without an account on the social networking site Facbeook. Rolling out in the US and Canada, Peru and Venezuela before arriving in other territories, the accountless system asks only for a phone number and a first and last name -- so, just like February 2014 acquisition WhatsApp.