Struggling with the battered image of the UPA government in the wake of rampant graft and a bid to make his last-ditch effort to cleanse blots of sticky issues on the contour of the ruling dispensation when Manmohan Singh recently held a tete-a-tete with editors, he called spade a spade that ensuing reshuffle would be a “work in progress” indicating the Congress-led government eying next Lok Sabha elections would redeem its image with new Team Manmohan. But the Tuesday’s much needed reshuffle was a missed opportunity when the UPA government wanted to slough off its scam-tainted past. With mere pushing fresh faces and replacing jaded figures, the Cabinet rejig was an incomplete exercise with lots of angularities to be ironed out, which could take heavy toll during next polls. Out of seven ministers, who were already pushed to the edge, dropped, the duo—Dayanidhi Maran and Murli Deora—were a foregone conclusion and the rest five were representing such ministries which would not be helpful to check crumbling credentials of the government. It is a good decision to pitchfork some young and experienced faces to shoulder the responsibilities, but they should be assigned with some serious business in the capacity of Cabinet affairs. Can young lots not be catapulted to the Cabinet rank until they turn septuagenarians. Needless to say that state ministers are left with nothing much where they could use their ebullient energy and messianic zeal to zoom out the dimension of the country. It reflects Hamletian hesitation of the Manmohan Singh government as Foreign Affairs Ministry has not been taken into consideration despite its dismal performance and two important portfolios, human resource and telecom, under the same hat of Kapil Sibal are also a matter of disappointment.

Failing to deliver his best, Veerappa Moily faced the music and was shifted from the Law Ministry to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, but he could not be blamed for being unable to safeguard the government, better say its shortcomings, in the Apex Court. Only time will say if new Law Minister Salman Khurshid leaves up to the expectation of common people and it is also applicable for Jairam Ramesh who has been elevated to the Cabinet rank with the Rural Development Ministry, in what could be seen that some corporate lobby may have armtwisted the government to move Jairam as he stonewalled many big projects for the sake of environment.  But the Centre needs to mull why does no one stay longer as a Rural Development Minister? It was not surprising that Railways Ministry, which was most neglected in the UPA-II government, remained hooked with the Trinamool as Dinesh Trivdedi, being representative of Mamata Banerjee, is going to spearhead the Railways Ministry. It is height of coalition responsibility that despite ignoring the Prime Minister overtly, Mukul Roy could manage to stay in the cocoon of Cabinet as a Minister of State for Shipping. As the Prime Minister deems it a last shuffle before the next Lok Sabha elections, the change in pack of ministers should have been balanced and effective to run the ministries and departments with eye-hand coordination skills to deliver the best in order to impress disenchanted aam adami, but it does not augur well for the government that its two leaders declined swearing in at the very beginning of the formation of new council of ministers.