Bangalore: A quiet transformation is underway at the Indian Space Research Organisation, where the "new generation" is taking up leadership roles with the old guards leaving the scene.

"Group that was with us from 1970s is moving out (retiring). The new generation is taking up leadership roles. That is taking place," ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan said.

The Bangalore-headquartered space agency has formed a 225-member strategy group comprising mostly the middle-level employees.

ISRO had a major intake in the 1970s. "That generation held leadership roles; they are almost through (most of them retired)," he said.

The next major intake was in early 1980 and mid-1980s, and also in 1999. "So, we wanted these two groups (selected ones in the strategy group) to be enabled, empowered, trained to take leadership roles," Radhakrishnan said.

This strategic group is being facilitated to take up leadership roles. Members of this group have been told to widen their horizon, understand things in a larger framework and acquire interpersonal and managerial skills, among other things.

"Our idea is that the transition should be seamless", added Radhakrishnan, who is also Chairman of Space Commission and Secretary in the Department of Space.