The eye wear developed by Masunaga Optical reflexively makes users blink by fogging up for 0.2 seconds in 10 second intervals.

The glasses are powered by a small battery in the left arm. Pressing a switch on the right arm makes the weak electrical current automatically cut off for 0.2 seconds once every 10 seconds, causing liquid crystal sheets on the lenses to momentarily fog up, 'Asashi Shimbun' newspaper reported.

Staring at screens on computers, cell phones and other electronic devices for long periods leads to less frequent blinking, increasing the likelihood of dry eye syndrome.

The glasses prevent the eyes from drying out by prompting a reflexive blink when the lenses fog up, the report said.

The glasses weigh 33 grammes, somewhat heavier than a standard pair of eyeglasses (15-20 grammes), but they do not feel much different than normal glasses.

The glasses have been priced for 15,750 yen (USD 153) and for an additional charge, customers can have them fitted with prescription lenses.


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