London: Diet conscious people can now count their calorie intake with the help of a new iphone application which gives an instant calorie read-out from just a picture of the item.

The application, called MealSnap app, works by matching the photograph of the food item with a database of some 500,000 items and within minutes sends users an alert with a range of calories for the meal that was photographed.

The USD 2.99-app was developed by DailyBurn, a fitness social network that has created several other fitness and diet-related iPhone applications.

"The database can quickly help identify the food, how many calories there are, proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins, whatever you may want to know," Andy Smith, chief executive at DailyBurn, was quoted as saying by a newspaper.

Smith added that calorie counting can be a very time consuming process, but the app makes it easier to track the calories in food.

"The pure act of tracking something can cause a psychological change that can help people on their health and fitness journey," he said.

Additionally, Smith informed that MealSnap can serve as a food diary, allowing users to keep a visual log of the meals they have eaten.