Islamabad: Pakistan's ISI has always had a political wing and the country's top leadership will be informed about the spy agency's policies by its new chief Lt Gen Zahir-ul-Islam, Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said.

Mukhtar made these remarks against the backdrop of a case in the Supreme Court against the funding of politicians by the ISI before the 1990 general election in a bid to prevent the Pakistan People’s Party from coming to power.

Banker Yunus Habid has testified in court that he arranged Rs 1.48 billion for the military, out of which about Rs 400 million was distributed among politicians who were opposed to the PPP.

The new ISI chief, who is scheduled to take over on March 18, will inform the President and Prime Minister about the agency's policies and requirements, Mukhtar told reporters during an interaction at his hometown of Gujrat in Punjab province on Monday.

The premier will consider any proposal made by the ISI chief regarding relations with the US, he said.

Referring to the distribution of money among politicians by the ISI in 1990, popularly known as the "Mehran Bank scandal", Mukhtar said cases should be registered against all persons involved in the matter, especially those who had received funds.

"The Mehran Bank scandal proves that the PML-N received money and (Punjab Chief Minister) Shahbaz Sharif was paid the amount through a bank," he said.

He said it was ironical that the PML-N, which had allegedly received money from the ISI, was now accusing President Asif Ali Zardari of corruption.