New Delhi: If the new draft of Land Acquisition Bill is passed, seeking a dream house in Delhi and NCR will be a Herculean task for swelling numbers of people in the national capital.

The metro cities in India are surrounded by multi-crop agricultural land and the proposed Bill will clamp a ban on its acquisition that will create huge shortage of land in the face of soaring population of Delhi.

The experts are of the opinion that the government would now have to search for other option in order to fulfill its promise of providing shelter to everyone.  Also, the agricultural states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will face serious trouble regarding establishment of industries.

FICCI General Secretary, Rajeev Kumar, said, “The private housing projects in cities are bound to be affected, but the government would have to reconsider its plan to provide house to all.”

He said, “States like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar must prepare records of their barren or non-farming land so that they could be provided to any forthcoming industrial projects.”

Expressing his disapproval for the Bill, CREDAI Vice-President Lalit Kumar Jain said, “Many provisions of the Bill are not feasible. The protest will go down if farmers are taken into consideration under the present draft of the Bill, it will take a huge toll on other investors as they will have to give 20 percent the developed land to the farmers. The housing construction companies will be bound to give more compensation to the land owners”.

A senior executive of a leading real estate company in NCR said that with the present Land Acquisition Bill, the prices of land will shoot up due to the restricted land availability. Those looking for dream homes in Delhi-NCR will eventually be at the losing end, he added.