Paes, who even at 41 is agile while playing at the net, said the change in the methods of preparing the courts has killed the serve and volley game.
"When I first started my career in early 90s the conditions were really fast. Then in early 2000 the balls became heavy and courts, where 20 tonnes of sand were used was built with 30 tonnes of sand and now it is upto about 45 tonnes of sand in each court. So, the courts got really slow and it killed the game of serve and volley," Paes, winner of 14 Grand Slam titles, said.
"So, the serve and volley game is pretty much gone, except that Feliciano has a great serve and volley game among players on the tour now. If you think about it, Djokovic at the moment is the best. Best because he knows the right time to come on to the net. He has such a good approach it results pretty much like a volley.
"Even Roger (Federer) when he plays Djokovic or Murray or Nadal, he is hesitant to come to the net because he feels he is out of position unless the serve and approach shot are really brilliant he does not come in that much," the legendary athlete said.
Paes, though, said the evolution of the game was inevitable.
"You have to keep evolving and changing with the time. We are always stitching new strings which give you spin. If you are playing Rafael Nadal or Djokovic, they give so much spin and your strings have to allow you to compete against such great players," he said.

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