When Late Shri Puran Chandra Gupta gave a call to launch a newspaper which would truly reflect the free voice of the people of India back in 1942, Dainik Jagran was born and began a mission to shape public opinion in a fearless manner.

It did that and much more in the decades that followed, earning the love and respect of millions of readers all along. While the year of Dainik Jagran’s founding required it to instill a sense of patriotic fervor among Indians, that need has today only got stronger, albeit the target audience has undergone a sea change.

Our economy has overcome the so-called ‘Hindu’ rate of growth and the world seeks our active participation in various fields like culture, politics, anti-terrorism, financial health, spirituality etc. India has responded phenomenally and stood up to this challenge. That process has changed us in shape, if not in spirit.

Dainik Jagran being the largest read Hindi daily published from 11 states across India has not, and indeed cannot, remain immune to this change. We now cater to an Indian who is more global in approach but, at the same time, his feet are firmly grounded in the sacred soil of the motherland. He now needs a source of inspiration which directly talks to him, in his own language and with an international approach. We must respect this wish of our readers and have come up with products in English language.

Before going any further, I would like to affirm that only the language has changed, the aim of Dainik Jagran still remains to be the free voice of the people.

Various surveys have put the number of English readers in India at near 100 million. A majority of this segment comprises youth, which has emerged as the strength of the nation. With verticals in English spanning the Internet, print and mobile, we intend to directly talk to this throbbing part of our population, extending them complete support in the brave, new world of today.

Jagran group is now proud to present its latest offering in English which promises to transform the most dynamic contemporary platform for news i.e. Internet. Jagranpost.com is our news website which has been launched to provide latest news, views, pictures, videos etc to the young and old readers who are short on time and love the Internet. It will provide breaking news as it happens and will also offer the gravitas as well as all the virtues that Dainik Jagran has stood for in all these years.

With its news sense free from any tilt, much like its Hindi print counterpart, Jagranpost.com will emerge as the leader in the ever expanding and exciting online news space. The novel feature of Internet as a medium is in the scope it provides to its users – i.e. both readers and publishers – in establishing a dialogue among themselves. Interactivity is the key word. Jagranpost.com realizes the importance of its readers and will give an open platform to them for expressing their opinion on various issues.

As you will discover, clarity and objectivity are the principles that we have applied to our online news website. That is, of course, an extension of our policy from print publications.

The website will provide not just hard news from India and around the world, it will also give our readers regular insights into lifestyle, health, education, show business and a lot more areas of interest.

All of this will not be the end of our new venture. It will keep on evolving, just like modern day India. But what will not change is the spirit of freedom, democracy and rootedness. Log on to Jagranpost.com and join us in this fresh impetus to our great journey. The world’s largest read Hindi daily is now in English.