The induction of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RLD) chief Ajit Singh’s into Union Cabinet made it obvious that he reached an agreement with the Congress not only to fight elections in Uttar Pradesh but also to grab a ministerial berth at the Centre. What benefit the Congress and the RLD may accrue would be known only after the UP Assembly polls, however Ajit Singh has already got the advantage of being Union Civil Aviation Minister in the present rule. His return to Union Cabinet has further strengthened this view that he can shake hand with any party to remain in the ruling coalition. He has actually carved out and stratified the identity of a party chief who can shift to any alliance. In the last General Elections, he was with the BJP and prior to that he was with the Samajwadi Party. Although in an era of coalition politics it has become pretty common and such developments have no doubt pooh-poohed political ethics. Truly speaking political parties are distancing away from morality. Therefore, in the name of coalition politics, the parties cannot be granted freedom to go ahead with any alliance. While taking oath, the way Ajit Singh stated that people of Uttar Pradesh in the form of Congress-RLD alliance have got an alternative against the atrocious regime of BSP is difficult to believe. Atleast nobody is going to believe his claim that the wave created by this political combination in Uttar Pradesh would be felt across the nation. Such statement would encourage his partymen, but not the Congress activists.

It cannot be denied that Ajit Singh has a sizeable presence in the western Uttar Pradesh, but if he is optimistic of doing any miracle with his party along with the Congress, which merely won 22 seats in the last assembly polls, is said to be like making castle in the air. This coalition has also exposed the backtracking of the Congress from its claim of forming government in Uttar Pradesh on its own. Moreover, for Ajit Singh donning the mantle of Union Civil Aviation Minister is an achievement, but the real success comes if he manages to give a new direction to the ailing Ministry. He must realize the fact that not only government airlines Air India but the whole air industry is also passing through the worst phase. The Air India is already in the neck-deep debt of Rs 43,000 crore, while the condition of private airlines is also not better. In the capacity of Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh cannot do much unless the government makes an additional bid to salvage civil aviation industry. He has the experience of holding the responsibilities of the ministries of Industry, Agriculture and Food, but he does not have experience of aviation field at all.