Haridwar (JNN/ Bureau): Sanskrit Bharti, country’s largest promoter of Sanskrit language has started a unique way of popularizing it through the census. The members of this organization are spreading awareness through mobile and SMS campaign.

They are requesting the citizens to mention Sanskrit as their second language in census survey. Sanskrit has been unable to establish itself among the common people and is now confined only to a small section of elite.

The members of Sanskrit Bharti believe that by this campaign they can enhance the reachability of this language.

Narendra Pandey, the UP wing leader of Sanskrit Bharti reported that there are fifteen thousand workers in Uttarakhand involved in this campaign. Budddev Sharma, the Secretary of Sanskrit Academy described this attempt as really commendable. The Vice Chancellor of Uttarakhand Sanskrit University Sudharani Pandey believes that “Sanskrit needs to be popularized among the common people. Only then they will understand its significance. It is a positive step in this direction by Sanskrit Bharti and people should come forward and join it.”

Sanskrit Bharti, an overview

Formed in 1981 in Karnataka, Sanskrit Bharti has its headquarters in Delhi. It has its branches spread across 23 countries, and all states. Lakhs of people including thousands of British and American citizens are its members. Chamu Krishna Shastri and Janardan Hegde had established it in Karnataka. All major decisions in the country regarding Sanskrit language are taken in consultation with Sanskrit Bharti.