The GER mood sweater, which uses Galvanic Skin Response, interprets emotions and displays mood instantly as an interactive colourful light display.
Based on the technology of a classic lie detector test, US design lab Sensoree developed a soft sensor design called the Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER), as it promotes extimacy - externalized intimacy, the company said on its website.
The sweater is wearable tech that attempts to shed light on the inner feelings of the wearer, without the need for uncomfortable chat. The GER sensors read excitement levels and translate the data into a palette of affective colours.
The high collar, bowl positioned with LEDs reflects onto the self for instant biofeedback and acts as a tele-display or external blush for the other. Located around the larynx, the visual interface replaces speaking, as the wearer's truths are instantly expressed with colour, the company said.
The sensor monitors the body and responds with visual perception and tactile feedback. "This new form of social media communicates to ourselves as well as another how we are feeling. These emotion based designs promote body awareness, insight, spontaneity, and fun!" the company said.


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