One cannot draw satisfaction from the fact that the new census figures show lowest rise in population in the last five years. With the increased awareness about family planning, this decrease in population was expected. But in one decade our population being equivalent to Brazil’s 18 crore is not a small thing. Brazil is the fifth populated country in the world. The recent census puts India’s population at 121 crore. It is tough to say if our policy-makers have any concrete design for the effective planning of such a vast population. They are mostly seen with half-baked solutions and on top of that, there is no guarantee of the proper implementation of their plans. Although census figures come out once in decade, our policy-makers cannot be clueless about the massive task in front of them to think about 121 crore people. Government projects fail to make us feel that they have been modeled to improve the future of every citizen. The 8 percent GDP growth rate does give some relief. In order to meet the demands of the growing population, a balance exploitation of natural resources is required. But it is lamentable that rather than evolving a consensus on it, there is hardly any concrete debate on it. The preparations undertaken, to increase the natural resources of the country and prepare a fundamental structure to meet the demand of increased population, do not present a pleasant picture of the future.

This fact cannot be denied that a lot is happening on the development front but the cause of concern is that instead of overall growth it is being seen only in a few regions. This is not at all satisfactory. The commitment from the government towards the proper utilisation of human resource is lacking. The only inspirational point in the census is the increase in literacy rate. But it would have been better if the level of literacy could have been gauged. Other than being literate, it is required that more and more people atleast attain that level of education which would help them to contribute to the nation’s requirement. This mission can be achieved only when the resources are multiplied. In this aspect a lot of debate is going on but whatever is expected is being done only in tits and bits and not on a grand scale. The most shameful aspect of 2011 census is the drop in sex ratio. This means that women are still considered inferior to male. This drop in sex ratio is a proof of the political, social and religious failure. Actually, this issue compels one to raise finger at society. Nothing can be more shameful than the fact that despite the increase in the literacy rate, family planning awareness and development, the sex ratio is on a decline. The society should do brainstorming as to why is it trying to spoil its own image?