The company's newly appointed managing director, Suresh Narayanan, who officially took over the role on Saturday, said at a media briefing that bringing Maggi back to the market was at the top on his five-point agenda.

When asked if the company will consider introducing an alternative snacks category under Maggi brand, he said: "If it all makes sense, why not?"

"In Maggi itself there are couple of ideas on which we are working. In other products categories there are couple of ideas that we have got," he said without sharing details.

Reiterating that Nestle "spends maximum amount on R&D" worldwide, he said there are a number of projects currently underway. The Maggi ban has affected sales of other categories too and the company was looking to drive growth of those categories, he said.

"For me what is going to be the key focus is on growing some of other categories as well. We have got presence in dairy, presence in coffee and beverages and we have got presence in chocolate and confectioneries as well. There are opportunities there," Narayanan said.

He, however, said the company was not diluting the importance of Maggi as it is "is a big part of our movement".

On the impact on other categories, he said: "There has been impact on the rest of the portfolio because it is also sold in similar outlets and in similar geographies. I can say that it has been reasonably uniform across all the categories. Uniformally it has affected."

As part of his five point agenda, Narayanan said Nestle India would also focus on enhanced engagement with stakeholders and authorities and communities.

When asked if the company is increasing marketing spend to counter impact of Maggi ban on on other brands, he said: "That's part of the thinking really to shore up what really we can do on some of the other parts of the portfolio... One part of the portfolio is affected but we will be looking as to how we can shore up advertising and support activities on the other brands".

Ruling out withdrawing the Maggi brand from market, Narayanan said: "The journey on Maggi would continue but the journey on other categories would also will be significantly emphasised over the period of time."

On whether the company would continue to spend on promotions of existing products in the market under the Maggi brand, he said: "Today the question for the organisation is where would we get the cost benefits of doing activities to generate more growth and I believe that in other categories there are opportunities."

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