The app is very much like it's name, and while you can post your most recent pictures quickly by sliding your finger to scroll through Rewind's "timeline" feature, the images disappear from the app after 24 hours, TechCrunch reported.

Co-founder and CEO Anthony Duca, said the idea was to "Let users share as many photos as they want, without feeling like they're spamming their feeds or being too noisy."

The app is different from Instagram, which slows the sharing process by making one carefully choose the photos worthy of being edited and shared, and just motivates one to share all the snaps.

Users can also take a series of photos, the feature present in iPhone camera's burst mode, by pressing the button and holding it.

The San Diego-based startup also launched the app with Apple Watch support to enable viewing on the watch's small screen. The app has USD 450,000 in seed funding and is a free download on iTunes.